We all love getting traffic to our websites,blogs, and videos but that can be expensive. If we don't have the capital to invest how can we generate traffic to come to our websites but at no cost.

Well in this post I'll go through what I think are the best free traffic sources.

Free Traffic Sources

Number 1: YouTube

There are a few ways you can create youtube content. See I know a lot of people, myself included hate the idea of talking on camera.Some even hate the sound of their own voice.

But it Is something I am working on and I hope you do to because with youtube you get a free traffic source.Plus you can attract free youtube subscribers with quality content. 

If your one of those people that hate the sound of their own voice I recommend making a small investment in a good microphone.

The microphone on my laptop made me not want to talk ever again.TRUE STORY.

I got this one and my ears have been thanking me ever since. Practice every day and after a while, you will get better and some day you might even become great.

If you are not comfortable showing your face you can screencast and do an over the shoulder type of review video.

If you want more quality imagewise you could do explainer videos. You know those whiteboard videos.

I personally love DOODLY . I'm currently playing around with it.

The quality of the videos are unreal plus the drag and drop features makes it easy for a newbie which is always good.


I know one guy on youtube that was able to get a ton of free youtube subscribers from doing this. Over a million in fact. All he did was do a few whiteboard videos about books he liked and BOOM. HIS CHANNEL EXPLODED.

So that is the number 1 free traffic source so on to number 2...

Number 2: Facebook pages & groups

This is a great free traffic source. Join groups in your niche. Follow your favorite pages. Leave good advice and link back to your site.

Some groups don't like people leaving links as they see this as spamming so check the rules in the group first.

Just give good advice and when people see it and like it, they will then click on your profile to find out more.  

NUMBER 3: Blogging


Blogging is one of the best time-tested sources of traffic. Don't believe anybody if they say blogging is dead because it is sewn into the foundation of the internet.

It will always be around and it will always be a free traffic source.

When some blogging sites are making millions, you just know there is still life in this old dog.

NUMBER 4: Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing free traffic source. It is geared more so towards certain niches.

The name of the game here is to visually entice the consumer with great pictures. When they see something they like ,they click your pin and that sends them to your website.

It is a bit more geared towards women(75/25 I think) but that is changing more every day.

NUMBER 5: Forums

Forums are another great free traffic source. A Lot like facebook groups you just add value in the forum and every so often drop a link to your blog or website. The best thing is that you will always find a forum in your niche. 

NUMBER 6: Twitter

social media traffic

Yes, Twitter. It is still a beast when it comes to free traffic sources.Only thing is you have to stay active on your twitter account. What you need to do here is write up 50-80 posts and schedule them for every 2 hours or so. After you have gone through them all .repeat the process.
Tip: Put your website address in your bio as well. It's been proven to get more visitors to your page.

NUMBER 7: Reddit

Reddit can be amazing for getting boat loads of traffic to your site. Be warned though.

It is monitored well so don't spam.  Drop your website address every so often while adding value.


My thoughts are that everyone should be using youtube because it is the number 1 free traffic source. And I hope for any person who is a bit camera shy knows now that there are a few different ways to shoot your videos. eg screencast and whiteboard(DOODLY).

But learn how to do all of them eventually because you don't want to be relying on one or two traffic sources.

Things change fast online.

Hope you enjoyed my top free traffic sources.

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