Entrepreneurs Hitting A Wall

It's been a while since I posted to this blog. Why's that you ask?...

I hit a wall plain and simple. Well, not a physical one but a mental one.

See this entrepreneur game is tough starting out and anyone that says otherwise is lying or has a good bit of money backing them up.

See the quickest way to succeed in this game is to have a lot of cash flow so you can pay for ads. Only by paying for ads and testing can you see what works and what doesn't.

By doing this you are developing your skills from writing good copy to knowing what images are best placed where. Anyhow must stay on topic lol...

I follow a lot of Gurus like Pat Flynn online and you hear the success more often than the struggle. Not for one second am I saying he never struggled.

I just thought there might be a lot of people out there hitting their own wall like I did...

You have to get your mindset right and sometimes it's hard, I get it but if you can't get your house in order in your head everything else crashes and burns.

One thing that really helped me out was a free hypnosis recording from a happy hippy.

Our brains take in 70,000 images a day and that all has to be organized by the little computer between your ears. This is mostly done while you sleep.

See when you sleep the subconscious mind is in charge. In fact, most of your decisions you make during the day is made by your subconscious.

It's one of the most important tools you should never neglect. When I first started listening to this tape after about a week I noticed my mind firing off more and more ideas. When I lost my phone which had the download on I noticed my productivity plummeted. 

So after hitting my own wall I went back to basics and the first thing I did was get that download. It's been 5 days of listening and i'm flying again.

It helped me a lot and I hope it helps anyone out there stuck in their own wall.


That's the video for the law of attraction. The Free Hypnosis recording is below the subscribe button. 

And remember this happens to everyone on this journey. You just push on. Pick small goals everyday and work up to the big ones. 

You'll Get There 

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