Google Duplex

Why Google Duplex Will Take Your Job!!

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There was significant news at the Google IO conference this week.

In fact, there were a number of announcements but the one that caught my attention was the Google duplex presentation.

For anyone who didn't see it I will leave the video below.

It is essentially an assistant on your phone.

Like the one now that you have to say HELLO GOOGLE but on steroids.

 You tell your phone to schedule a hair appointment at such a time and it rings the hair saloon to make that appointment.

The only thing different now is it sounded human with the appropriate pauses at the correct time.

Even the terminology an ordinary person would make were there for everybody to see.

We're all used to the robot voices of siri, alexa and Google assist that it was a bit of a shock hearing it converse seamlessly.

Reacting in no time to any questions asked or miscommunication due to poor language skills from the human. 

Amazing work from the development team and incredible advancement in A.I no doubt. 

See I felt like many other people out there was that this level of awareness and conversation skills were years away if not decades.

I know Google wants us to think of all the time we will save.

No more annoying phone calls to reserve a restaurant. No more lingering in line for an operator to reach you.

It does sound great until you flip the coin and imagine every time you ring a business you get speaking to Google duplex.

See with this kind of advancement, customer service jobs stand the greatest risk to their jobs.

How many jobs would be lost? Well, Millions of jobs in call centres around the world would be taken over by emotionless human sounding A.I machine.

We are not far off that point and the sooner we all come to that realization the better for us all. 

So what would I suggest to those people in those professions at high risk?

Upskill on what you know all ready and even find a different career. Maybe one you enjoy doing.

Find something you're passionate about and find a way to make money from that passion. There are loads of opportunities out there. You just need to know where to look.

If your interested check out my site.It might give you a few ideas. 

So get moving. ACT today because Google duplex isn't taking a break.