Thrive Themes Review-Is It Worth The Investment??

So you are stuck on making the big decision.

Is thrive themes for you?

I was too till I pulled the trigger and signed up.

See at the time there were plenty of other plugins on the market that said they did several things better.

In certain areas which I will get too later in the review, I think they could improve. But overall my experience has been great.

I won't sugar coat anything here so let's get on with this thrive themes review.

thrive themes review

Perfect Template For Success 

Thrive themes has 10 themes available plus 10 amazing plugins so you get the very best from your theme.

Whether it's too attract new customers to your office, sell some products online or create a stylish new blogging site. They have you covered.

Gone are the days where you had to hire an expensive website designer to build your site from scratch.

On this site I used the thrive themes squared theme. For this theme and every theme with thrive themes, you get fully customizable templates.

 One of the perks I love is that they release new templates so you can always change If you like their new templates better.


The latest members-only content update you got these amazing personal branding templates for your home page. They were so slick, they just looked like thousands of dollars were spent making them.I was really impressed.

You will also find templates for dentists to dog walkers which can be changed to suit your tastes. 

All templates with thrive themes are mobile responsive which is so important if you want to succeed with your online goals. 

But Are The Plugins Any Good?

Yes, most definitely yes. Every plugin has a single purpose which it executes perfectly.

Of the 10 plugins, I will write a small piece on the ones I think are so valuable.

Thrive Architect: The easy to use drag and drop content builder. It is the main tool you use for everything. Everything is so easy to customize with this tool once you know how.


Tip watch the training videos.Shane explains it so well it is worth it. 

Thrive Leads: Everyone knows that the number one thing you need to succeed online is to build an email list. This turns traffic you don't own into traffic you do.

Thrive leads is amazing at doing this.

Thrive ultimatum: Create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or website with a countdown timer. It is great for selling products.

Thrive optimize: Testing is the only way we know what the consumer likes. With thrive optimize and headline optimizer you get 2 plugins that do the A/B testing for you.

Find a winner fast and then you can run with it.

Thrive Quiz Builder: A quiz is a great way to PREFRAME a customer. It involves asking a series of questions with the goal of changing their thought pattern. Thus making them more open to an offer from you.

Now some improvements I would like to see in the future.

  • Funnel improvements such as ability to put in an order bump.
  • Ability to upsell and downsell. 

In conclusion, I think Thrive Themes is an amazing product.

I know you can get the plugins and themes separately but I think you would be crazy to not get the membership with the use of all the products.

The list of improvements would have been a bit longer only a few months ago but the thrive team are constantly bringing out new updates and improving every day.

They listen to their customers and act on the feedback they receive which in the long run can only benefit us both.

I hope you liked this Thrive Themes Review.

And if you would like to see what Thrive Themes has to offer                          


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